About Us

Elevate Talent LLC, is a Wyoming registered firm which is providing prop services to its clients and retail traders world-wide. Being in the industry since seven years, we understand the mentality of what the retail traders want from a prop firm. With duly invested analytics and research, we created the funding plans which suit all kinds of risk appetite traders. To smoothen and ease the process for traders, we were able to launch 1 phase appraisal- the process of qualifying just 1 stage of the trading assessment. After the qualification, we provide live capital. Every Elevated Trader has a live fund attached to their accounts.


Our Team:

Our team constitutes of traders, who have combined experience of more than 15 years in the industry and understand the industry acutely. Being profitable traders ourselves, we are able to elevate other retail trader through capital funding and educational provision through our partners.

Our Partners:

Elevate Talent LLC has multiple strong partners in the prop firm. Our partners bring in experience in different industries of finance, advisory and trading.

A fintech investment firm which manages capital of external  parties. Focused on developing financial solutions for the financial industry. Leading developers in artificial intelligence algorithms for trading purposes. Vasl capital has a venture capital division which invests in startup businesses looking for seed round to raise funds.



Nick, the founder of Transparent FX- a financial influencer and an astute forex trader- is one of the leading educationalist/mentor in the trading industry. Based in EUROPE, Nick has developed his industry reputation by providing training and coaching his trading methods to his students. Till now, over 3000+ students have graduated from TransparentFX Academy. He is also one of the well sought traders on tradingview, having over 150,000 followers and 110,000 subscribers on youtube.




Eightcap, is an award winning, ASIC regulated broker in Australia. With low spreads, commissions and no slippage, 8eightcap is one of the leading brokers in the trading industry. Offering 300+ of various trading instruments- forex, cryptocurrency and commodities. Elevate Talent deals with 8eightcap as its regulated broker for the prop firm.